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    Have a Break - Distributed Fibre-Optic Monitoring for Well, Reservoir, and Field Management
    Have a Break

    Distributed Fibre-Optic Monitoring for Well, Reservoir, and Field Management


    LIOS Technology is participating and actively sponsoring the Society of Petroleum Engineers Workshop related to distributed fibre optic monitoring for well and reservoir management in Ranchos Palos Verdes California. LIOS presents its WELL.DONE solution - the latest DTS technology combined with endurable MM and SM fibres made for the harsh downhole environment

    • Passive cooling, no moving parts
    • Low power consumption
    • Cyber secure, no Windows system, no extra PC required
    • WITSML integration
    • More than 2700 DTS installations worldwide

    This SPE workshop focuses on the combined interests and capabilities of E&P operators, service companies, and technology providers to identify the true value of distributed fibre-optic measurements through the review of field examples and well-characterized development projects.

    The broad potential and acknowledged value of distributed measurements in E&P has been recognized for more than 15 years. Sporadic growth spurts, stimulated by the introduction of new technology in these measurements, are often met by several forces which temper the sustained acceptance rate. Challenges in developing quantitative interpretation, the relatively high cost of installations and support infrastructure, and the difficulty to rigorously assign economic benefit to the information that measurements supply detrimentally affect routine deployment.

    Technical sessions addressing these challenges will cover topics such as:

    • Production and injection interpretation
    • Fracturing diagnostics
    • New capabilities in distributed acoustic sensing
    • Advances in field installation techniques
    • Management of system reliability



    WELL.DONE Downhole Monitoring Information

    WELL.DONE - Distributed Temperature Monitoring  of Upstream Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

    LIOS  WELL.DONE is the most reliable DTS system on the market used for temperature sensing and logging applications in complex as well as simple wells.

    WELL.DONE DTS Brochure

    » Technology behind Distributed Temperature Sensing