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    Sensor + Test 2016 - LIOS Introduces PRE.VENT at the leading forum for measuring, testing and monitoring in all industries
    Sensor + Test 2016

    LIOS Introduces PRE.VENT at the leading forum for measuring, testing and monitoring in all industries


    LIOS Technology GmbH is pleased to invite you to visit Sensor+Test 2016, taking place in Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Germany from May 10.-12., 2016. 

    The trade fair is the leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing equipment. If you are involved in sourcing, installing or purchasing products and services for industrial asset monitoring, Sensor+Test 2016 is the must-attend event for you.

    Please be invited to visit our booth at 5-450 where LIOS introduces its new PRE.VENT solution.

    LIOS PRE.VENT is a flexible monitoring solution for industrial applications covering the online surveillance of chemical processing plants, reactor vessels, gasifiers, induction furnaces, LNG tanks and containments as well as pipelines.

    Meet LIOS at Sensor+Test for further details and information on:

    • Exact real-time localization for leakage detection along pipelines and tanks
    • Reactor skin temperature monitoring
    • Wide range of temperature from -170°C to +450°C for a broad portfolio of industrial applications
    • Applicable in critical regions such as EX-rated areas, radioactive environments, mines and LNG carriers

    Please note that LIOS will also present its latest innovation for long-range distributed temperature and strain sensing at the “Forum Innovative Testing” on 11/05/2016 at 4:00pm.

    Read more on LIOS PRE.VENT solutions by downloading the PRE.VENT brochure and a recent PRE.VENT application report on temperature sensing of an ammonia plant.


    PRE.VENT Flexible Monitoring Solution for Industrial Applications

    PRE.VENT is a Flexible Monitoring Solution for Industrial Applications  LIOS PRE.VENT covers a broad range of industrial applications offering operational safety, real-time control and lifecycle optimisation of assets like reactors, gasifiers, LNG tanks, containments and pipelines as well as ecological engineering projects

    PRE.VENT Brochure (English) 

    PRE.VENT Brochure (Deutsch) 

    PRE.VENT 提供各类工业应用中灵活的 (Chinese) 

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